Hola Launcher 1.6.7 (1670) Full APK Free Download

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Hola Launcher 1.6.7 (1670) Full APK Free Download

My favorite, smallest and simple android launcher is Hola Launcher and available in Google Play store, the latest update of hola launcher is 1.6.7 (1670). 

We are here with its APK file, if your phone does not run play store or mobogenie in your smartphone or android phone, you can download its apk file through below provided link. 

★Hola Launcher: Smaller, Yet Bigger! 
Hola launcher is a fast, stable, and reliable replacement for your Android device’s Home Launcher. In addition to including all the basic features you need in a launcher, Hola Laucher delivers a smooth, seamless, and beautiful user experience rivaling that of iOS and iPhone that your fellow Android users will envy.

★Hola Launcher is Smaller

● Hola Launcher uses almost 40% less memory than the original system launcher, and 20% less than other so-called “fastest” launchers including CM, Apus, Zero, etc., so your apps open when you expect them to and your phone stays responsive. 

● With an installation file just over 1MB large, Hola Launcher is nearly 90% smaller than other common launchers including GO, Apex, Nova, etc., making it quick and painless to download and install.

★Hola Launcher is Bigger
Features include:

● Hola Shine – Simply swipe from the bottom left or right corner to quickly access your frequently used apps and commonly used settings such as WiFi, Bluetooth, flashlight, etc.

● Hola Search – Swipe down on your screen to quickly find apps, contacts, or websites.

● Hola Box – Swipe up with two fingers to hide or access apps you don’t want displayed on the screen.

● Hola Boost – Free up memory (RAM) and further speed up your phone with a single tap.

● Hola Theme – Download, install, and enjoy FREE, PERMANENT high-quality themes, wallpapers. Updated every Friday! 

● Hola Notification – Never miss an important message again from your friends and family, with tips on home screen icons such as Call, SMS, Whatsapp, GMail, and any other app with notification features.

● Hola Screen Lock – Simply double tap your screen to lock your phone’s screen, freeing up your power button. 

● Weather Forecast – Conveniently see weather forecast information for the next 6 days.

● Priority Apps – Place Facebook, Twitter, and other apps you use most on your default home screen, so they launch faster.

● Smart Folder – Keep your apps organized. For example, Clash of Clans goes into the Game folder, while your Instagram and Whatsapp go into the Social folder.

● Heart App – Discover a new high-quality app every day, without having to slog through the App Store!

★Our users love Hola Launcher and you will too! 
“Hola improves my phone’s speed, but what I like the most is it’s easy to use and saves space on my phone!” – Mark

“Awesome…. This gave my display a complete new look!” — Aimen

“Best Launcher around ATM. Love this launcher, stylish. Easy to use. Great job.” — Samuel

“I came back to rate it without being asked to. The title says it all, really. It’s smooth as hell, made my Note 4 fly like a Boeing 747, and the neat little add on with the corner bubble is just ingenious. This deserves all the downloads.” — Patrick

Available Languages
English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, French, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic, Indonesian, Polish, Portugeuse, Turkish and Greek (special thanks to Dimitris Sarlis!)

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